My Journey

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My Journey

My Journey – Margaret W.

My name is Margaret, I’m 46, and I am or was a lifelong yo-yo dieter. My journey begins much like everyone else’s. I’ve spent my entire life overweight. I come from a large Mexican family, who may not have had much, but food was in abundance. When you grow up celebrating life, death, graduations, and birthdays, you develop comfort in food. My unhealthy habits started at a very early age and carried on through adulthood. Yes, I exercised occasionally and tried to eat healthy, but nothing worked. My weight was at an all-time high at 312 pounds, my health was staring to decline, and doctors were beginning to discuss preventive options available and words like diabetes were being thrown around. If I’m being honest, all l remember hearing was Metformin. The stress of 2020 was enough to drive anyone crazy and I didn’t need to compound an already stressful situation with medical issues. Here beings the journey of reinventing myself, Margaret 2.0.



Fortunately for me, I knew an expert in the field. Not only do I have the privilege of calling Dr. Selim my doctor, but he’s also become my friend. The admiration I have for the man is indescribable. At this point I’d know him for years but never broached the subject with him nor he with me. He waited for me, and I respect that tremendously. After my first surgery consultation and the ease in which Dr. Selim explained the necessary process and steps it would take, I was sold on the surgery. I remember getting home and devouring the information the office had provided regarding procedures available, insurance and cost. It was then that I became excited to move forward with the possibility of this new way of life. I researched the option given and chose to have RNY. The roux-en-Y is the Cadillac tier of all bariatric surgeries. Not only is it the most expensive option, it offers the best success rate of weight loss of 60-80 percent.



Gastric bypass, also called Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) gastric bypass, is a type of weight-loss surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.



As I approach my 1 year anniversary (RNY 1/28/21), I reflect on all that I have lost and gained. Much like with life, with the right team in place anything is possible. I asked questions and was given tailored options to my lifestyle. I’ve become disciplined to food, exercise, and self-care. I no longer neglect my health and trust in those who believe in the process. By no means has the journey been easy; It’s actually been the hardest thing I have ever done. I’ve had to change years of horrible eating habits. I must continue to work and learn, to take care of myself mentally and physically. I am thankful for this gift every day.



I wish I’d have done it 20 years ago! If you are on the fence, jump, if you just got it done, hang in there! It only gets better from here! Now the hard part starts, the honeymoon is over, but I am up for the challenge! Thanks to the Selim Surgery Center for helping me with every step of the way!

Do I Qualify?

Bariatric Surgery

Millions of people would like to lose weight. Severely obese patients are considered viable candidates to undergo bariatric surgery.

Severe obesity is defined as weight that is at least 100 pounds more than the ideal body weight for a person’s height and age.

Severe obesity (Morbid Obesity) is defined by the patient’s body mass index, or ratio of fat to lean body mass. It is an equation that uses weight, height and age in the calculation.

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