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Success Stories

I had gastric bypass 7/22/21 with Dr. Selim. Every one in his office has been so pleasant, positive and helpful. The ladies in the front are always smiling and remember who I am when I come in for appointments. The nurse is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Dr. Selim did an excellent job on my surgery, always answers any questions and is always pleasant to talk to. Both he and the nurse are blunt with their answers, they don’t sugarcoat things and I especially appreciate that. If you’re considering weight loss surgery don’t go out of town, stay close to home and go see Dr. Selim.

Nikki S.

Gastric Bypass

Ms. Kat and Ms. Yvonne are top notch in providing information to me. They answered all of my questions and both were extremely nice over the phone. Thank you for answering my questions and to not feel like just another caller.

Lynn P.

Inquiring Customer

I had met Dr Selim a few years ago when my grandson needed an emergent appendectomy. At that time Dr Selim was practicing both in Lake Charles and Leesville. He drove over an hour to Lake Charles to care for my grandson when he was not on call that evening. The compassion for his patients is amazing, the technical skills and quality of care is outstanding. We were blessed to have experienced this caliber of care and attention. He has a PhD and is Robotic and Laparoscopic Fellowship Trained. Due to the exceptional care and personable medical attention provided, 3 other family members have received medical / surgical care from Dr Selim at my families recommendation. Our community is supported by a great group of medical providers and Dr Selim’s expertise adds to a higher level care provided to Southwest Louisiana and Texas.

Kathy L.

Emergent Appendectomy

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Bariatric Surgery

Millions of people would like to lose weight. Severely obese patients are considered viable candidates to undergo bariatric surgery.

Severe obesity is defined as weight that is at least 100 pounds more than the ideal body weight for a person’s height and age.

Severe obesity (Morbid Obesity) is defined by the patient’s body mass index, or ratio of fat to lean body mass. It is an equation that uses weight, height and age in the calculation.

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