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Our Team

Dr. Niazy Selim’s passion to practice medicine and surgery started at a very early stage in his life. In elementary school, while his peers played and ran around injuring themselves, he carried the first aid kit and helped clean their wounds. He selflessly applied band-aids and wiped away their tears.

He worked very hard for many years to fulfill his dream. He wanted to be a surgeon. In Egypt, where he was born, medical school was the most difficult to attend. It was and still is the most elite carrier. The competition was fierce but he was determined. Dr. Selim is one of few gastrointestinal and fellowship trained surgeons. With two fellowship trainings, he paved his way to be one of the experts in the region. Dr. Niazy Selim is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also Board Certified in General Surgery.

Prior to moving to Louisiana , he was an Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery, University of Kansas. He was also the Medical Director of their Bariatric Surgery Program. He served as the Vice Chair then the Chair of Robotic Committee for more than 3 years.

Following a successful and fruitful career in academic surgery, he became impressed by the heritage and history of the south. Niazy Selim arrived to the State of Louisiana in January 2015 to start his own Private Practice. Dr. Selim is bringing with him a great experience in Bariatric, Gastrointestinal, Minimally Invasive, and Robotic Surgery.

The skies are the limit for his dreams. As he wanted to offer patients (especially bariatric patients) an exceptional care, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Selim built an ambulatory surgery center that exceeds the standards in every single aspect. Starting by a beautiful and elegant marbled floor reception, to the newest LED operating room lights, and the most advanced surgical equiment there is.

Dr. Selim worked as the Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Department of Surgery, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He also held the position of Assistant Professor of General and Gastrointestinal Surgery in the Department of Surgery at the Mansoura School of Medicine, Egypt.

Proud to be an American Citizen, Dr. Selim joined the Veteran Administration Hospital, Little Rock, Arkansas in 2003 as Assistant Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery. Also, the Chief of the Surgical Endoscopy. When he moved to the Kansas City area, he joined the Leavenworth VA hospital where he continued to serve the veterans with his expertise.

Dr. Selim has contributed to professional publications and has given numerous presentations, focusing on the diseases of Gastrointestinal Tract. He has conducted research on hepatobiliary diseases along with many other types of liver diseases.

To complete the spectrum of his experience, Dr. Selim also has an extensive training and experience in gastrointestinal diagnostic and interventional endoscopy, with a case log of more than one thousand cases to his credit.

Dr. Selim’s Clinical Focus: Obesity Surgery, Advanced abdominal (Gastrointestinal) Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Minimally invasive Surgery, Single incision Surgery, Biliary Surgery, Endoscopic Surgery, Gastrointestinal Malignancy, Hepatobiliary Surgery, Pancreas Surgery.

For Extensive Dr Niazy Selim Bio, please visit his personal website at http://www.niazyselim.net

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Bariatric Surgery

Millions of people would like to lose weight. Severely obese patients are considered viable candidates to undergo bariatric surgery.

Severe obesity is defined as weight that is at least 100 pounds more than the ideal body weight for a person’s height and age.

Severe obesity (Morbid Obesity) is defined by the patient’s body mass index, or ratio of fat to lean body mass. It is an equation that uses weight, height and age in the calculation.

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